OTR Audio Player Project


This is a project to develop software for an audio player for Old Time Radio (OTR) . It is designed to run on the Nokia N800 and like Internet Tablets. This software is GPL.

The OTR Player is an MP3/OGG player designed to play Old Time Radio (OTR) shows. It is designed for shows with low MP3 or OGG bit rates, mono, and 22050 sample rates. Some MP3 players have problems with these kind of files. This program provides functionality unique to listening to OTR. Features include a pitch control, last location saved, forward and reverse seeking, and fast key control.

If you are new to Old Time Radio (OTR) then I invite you to go to the web site archive.org. Click on the "audio" section. Then perform a search of the audio section for the letters "OTR". Here you will find thousands of OTR radio shows to listen to. Download several different kinds and give it a try.




Any questions should be directed to:

Bruce Forsberg
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